Create a new world of mobility with us. Interesting projects are awaiting you. Build safe and designer cars you can be proud of.


Build safe and designer cars you can be proud of. Create a new world of mobility with us. Interesting projects are awaiting you.

and we are hiring…

Do you want to be a part of the world's largest car company? Then start your career at Toyota! Our Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech plant is a member of the Toyota Group based in Kolín.
We have over 3,000 employees in a variety of positions – from production operators, service and maintenance technicians to specialized positions in electromechanics, IT and administration.
Step on the gas and conquer new opportunities.
It's gonna be a ride.

and what can we offer?


At Toyota, you'll experience the feeling of seeing the results of your work in reality – they materialize in production, and you'll see them on the road. We inspire others with our constant drive for improvement - in processes, quality and the employee's environment.

Come face new challenges with us in the areas of electromobility, technology, increased automation and diversity and workplace well-being. Do you like to gain new insights and, "putting ideas in a drawer" is not for you? Move things forward with us!


Without you, ideas would never become reality. At Toyota, you'll work in a clean, highly organized and automated environment. Physical demands are a part of car production, so the safety and health of our employees is paramount.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves (and put on your protective gear)? Be the first to sit in the car you helped to build!


For university students, we offer excellent work experience in the form of paid internships. You will experience the world's most efficient production system first-hand and participate in projects. We will also be happy to help you with your diploma or bachelor's thesis. After your studies, we can offer you a full-time job.

Are you driven and want to be involved in car production? As a graduate of high school you can start your first job without any experience at Toyota, we will teach you everything.

For university graduates we offer professional knowledge and soft skills development. Collaborate on projects that change the world of mobility.



At Toyota, we create equal employment opportunities regardless of gender or nationality. You will experience a combination of Czech and Japanese culture and meet great colleagues from the Czech Republic and abroad in our offices and production. Both highly qualified professionals and candidates with no experience will find employment with us. Whether we work with our heads or our hands, we know that we can't reach our goals without each other. We fairly reward every job well done.

and what they value



Quality Assurance Engineer, 1 year at Toyota

When looking for a job I had 3 main criteria - 1. the job must be interesting and provide the opportunity to improve my skills, 2. the job must be well-paid, 3. I don't want to commute far. Toyota fulfilled everything. In any job you sometimes have a hard day, but in general I like it here very much. I also travel to see suppliers and learn about their processes, which is rewarding for both me and the company. There is definitely no stereotype here, but there is logical thinking at Toyota and by following clear Toyota Way principles everyone knows what to do.

What makes me happy at work? The attitude of my colleagues and superiors. All employees create a pleasant friendly atmosphere thanks to mutual respect. And it works across departments and hierarchy levels.

Favourite benefit? Z-account points, which I use for recreation in the form of massages, wellness, as well as for spending time together with my family and last but not least for studying...



Acting Team Leader on Assembly, 5 years at Toyota

I started in the Press Shop department, but then I got the chance to move into Assembly department which was the right fit for me. I am a really active person and there is always something going on in Assembly. I was interested in every process on the production line, and I could get involved in different activities to show that I had the potential to become a Team Leader. For example, I was involved in the rebuilding of the line and we gradually adapted it thanks to our ideas. There were definitely times when I wanted to give up, but the team worked well in those moments. My colleagues gave me a helping hand to breathe again and I got the motivation to keep going.

What makes me happy at work? The thing I like the most about Toyota is that we are one team and we support each other. And also the opportunity to collaborate on interesting projects that are not available elsewhere.

Favourite benefit? There are many. Z-account points for mortgage and pharmacy payments, educational opportunities. Bonuses and special rewards also come in handy.



Intern (student), 6 months at Toyota

I was looking for a place where I can gain practical experience and automotive is an attractive and promising field for me. I chose Toyota because it is known worldwide for its efficiency and processes. It uses modern technology and equipment that you can't get access to elsewhere as a student.

What makes me happy at work? The opportunity to learn from professionals and colleagues who are nice. A big plus is that colleagues at Toyota are very accommodating and help me manage combining work and school.

Favourite benefit? A good canteen.



Production Team member, 2 years at Toyota

I followed my husband to Toyota. The pay is good, we have lots of benefits, my coworkers are friendly, and I get to try new activities. Of course, I get tired of the job sometimes because I'm working on a production line that is always moving, but it's nothing I can't handle. The shifts are 8 hours long and I don't work on weekends, so I have enough free time, which I'm glad for.

What makes me happy at work? I've made new friends here, the shift always flies by with nice people around.

Favourite benefit? Z-account with benefit points, which I often use for shopping, and Mulisport card for sports.



Evaluation and Promotion HR Specialist, 1 year in Toyota

I'm currently studying at the University of Economics in Prague and I wanted to find a job in the automotive industry. I knew that there are 3 automotive companies in the Czech Republic and when I was browsing through the ads, Toyota interested me the most. I also liked the fact that it is an international company (and one of the biggest car companies in the world), where I will meet people from different countries and use English.

What makes me happy at work? In one word - TEAM. I work in a team of amazing people who help each other and stick together. Due to my HR position, I also enjoy the fact that at Toyota we really care about the employees, attend to their needs and individual development.

Favourite benefit? Definitely working from home. It's a great alternative when you need some quiet time to work.



Safety Specialist, 4 years at Toyota

I knew Toyota, of course, but the idea of coming to work here came from a YouTube ad. The corporate culture suits me because I don't like chaos. I wanted to work for a company that is stable, where they have interesting positions and a sophisticated employee care system. I started as a production operator and gradually rose to my current position. Along the way, I gained valuable experience, met nice people, educated myself. I wouldn't change.

What makes me happy at work? I like that Toyota is always trying to develop and improve everything, so there is no shortage of new projects and learning opportunities. You definitely don't get stunted here.

Favourite benefit? Toyota's accommodation options, it's a short walk to work.



Production Team Member, 1 year in Toyota

Toyota was recommended to me by my sister who also works in production here. I was a little scared at first to do everything correctly according to the prescribed procedures, but it can be learned pretty quickly. And if you are not sure, your supervisors or coworkers will help. After a while, you've got a grip on everything, and the shift goes by quickly. I now recommend Toyota myself, the people are nice, I enjoy the work...and one more (maybe) detail - we are provided with really comfortable work shoes, and that makes a big difference when working on your feet.

What makes me happy at work? That I can actually see the results of my work. I am building a new car and it will come out of the factory that very day.

Favourite benefit? It's hard to say which one is my favourite, I regularly use all of them, the offer is varied, so I always choose what I need...



Development and Training Specialist, 2 years at Toyota

Toyota was on my radar as a "Top Employer" in the region when I was looking for a new job after my parental leave. I was intrigued by the position offered and also the flexible hours with the option of working from home, which I appreciate as a mom. I was then nicely surprised by the pleasant and friendly selection process. And after joining Toyota, I quickly found that the friendly atmosphere permeated throughout Toyota.

What makes me happy at work? Toyota is a company providing many opportunities, but also challenges. No day is the same, I use English daily and am currently enjoying my new role as an internal trainer.

Favourite benefit? The Z-account, which helps me to pay off my mortgage, but I also use it for relaxation - for example a massage, spa or holiday.



Manager of internal logistics, 17 years at Toyota

Toyota first attracted me with decent pay and career progression opportunities. From my own experience I can confirm that whoever wants to develop will get the opportunity. I started as a Warehouseman and then worked my way up through Senior Specialist, Project Manager, Hiring Manager to my current position. I've done a lot of internal and external training, upskilling and seeing the world - Japan was amazing.

What makes me happy at work? The work trips in Europe and Asia, the opportunity to develop and rotate in different roles.

Favourite benefit? Educational opportunities because they push me forward professionally and personally.



Purchasing Specialist in Finance, 9 years at Toyota

I was recommended to work at Toyota by a friend of mine who enjoyed the team atmosphere. I was also impressed by Toyota’s good reputation and stability even in difficult times. And why have I been here for 9 years? Because Toyota appreciates good work, and not just financially. I also have the opportunity to develop and increase my expertise - both through the position changes and promotions offered, as well as through training opportunities.

What makes me happy at work? Toyota is a well-functioning company, we have a sophisticated system not only for production. And if something isn't working, we look for ways to improve it.

Favourite benefit? I like to use my benefit points to buy books and tickets to cultural events, but also to pay off my car lease.



Corporate Affairs Specialist, 20 years at Toyota

I joined Toyota right after finishing my studies, it was a good opportunity with no work experience required. The temporary job eventually turned into a nice 20 year career. Toyota grew steadily and my career grew with it. I've moved through several departments, tried different jobs and I enjoy the fact that I still have room to move forward. Of course, it's not always easy, but apart from the job itself, it's the great people that keep me here.

What makes me happy at work? My colleagues, most of whom I've been friends with for years.

Favourite benefit? Multisport card, because after work I like to go out for sports.


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